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Hot Stone / Salt Stone

Using natural stone, heat and minerals help soothe muscles and stimulate tissues.

Himalayan Salt Stone

84 trace minerals like potassium, calcium, and magnesium make this an alkalizing treatment.  By calming the nervous system this is especially helpful for spasms or cramps. This massage ends with a Himalayan salt and  aromatherapy foot scrub.

Hot Stone

Hot stone massage- using Basalt (volcanic rock) which retains heat. The stones are used with a massage cream or oil to glide across the skin distributing the heat along with pressure to the musculature. Hot stones are also used in the session as placement stones. Placing them along the spine, the sacrum, face, palms, and feet to allow the heat to penetrate helping the soft tissue “fascia” to smooth out, allowing for deeper penetration into the muscles. 

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